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Narcotics Task Force

Narcotics Task Fc

Narcotics Task Force

The Narcotics Unit was created in 1988 when the Federal Government initiated the Byrne Grant, which provided funding to each State for narcotics enforcement efforts. This funding was then distributed to each County Prosecutor's Office to maintain a Multi-Jurisdictional Narcotics Task Force, which is operated by the County Prosecutor and his staff. The Warren County Narcotics Task Force is comprised of an Assistant Prosecutor, a Superior Officer, three County Detectives, two Clerical Staff and various law enforcement officers from other Municipal, County, State or Federal agencies.

Conducting proactive narcotics investigations, through:
  • Undercover drug purchases
  • Use of confidential informants
  • Surveillance of suspected drug activity
  • Preparation and execution of search warrants
  • Gathering and maintaining narcotics intelligence information
  • Coordination of drug investigations by other Law Enforcement Agencies
Prosecuting persons arrested for drug related Criminal Offenses
  • Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substances
  • Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance with the Intent to Distribute
  • Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances
Providing educational services to members of law enforcement, school facilities and the public upon request.

Contact Information

Phone: (908) 689-9119
Fax: (908) 689-9078
Email: narcotics@co.warren.nj.us