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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Unit

The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office formed the Domestic Violence Unit in 1999. The Office was able to form the Unit when a grant was received from the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice under the auspices of the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program. Warren County is one of three counties in New Jersey receiving these grant funds for this pilot project. The mission of the Unit is to provide a uniform zero tolerance response to every domestic violence incident in Warren County. The Unit provides support and assistance to victims of domestic violence as well as referrals to counseling and other appropriate services. The Unit also provides training and assistance to local law enforcement officers in carrying out their duties in connection with domestic violence cases. The Unit has adopted the evidence-based prosecution model. Evidence-based prosecution is defined as an effort to successfully prosecute a case of domestic violence based on a thorough investigation and the gathering of all available physical, audio and photographic evidence without requiring solely on testimony from the victim. The responsibility for prosecuting batterers is thereby shifted from the victim to the criminal justice system. The Domestic Violence Unit is comprised of an Assistant Prosecutor, Superior Officer, one Detective, one part-time Clerical Staff, one Victim Witness Counselor and one Municipal Court Advocate. The majority of these positions are grant funded.

Primary responsibilities include:
  • Criminal & Contempt Proceedings
  • Civil Weapons Forfeiture Actions
  • Support and Training

Contact Information

Phone: (908) 475-6276
Fax: (908) 475-6051
Email: dv@co.warren.nj.us

Seeking more information and guidance on Domestic Violence?
Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website or call them at 1-800-799-7233


End the Silence

End the silence on domestic violence.