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Appellate Unit

Appellate Unit

The Appellate Unit is responsible for representing the State of New Jersey on all criminal, quasi-criminal and juvenile delinquency appeals arising from convictions or decisions in the Warren County courts. This includes appeals from the municipal Courts to the Superior Court, appeals from the trial level of the Superior Court to the Appellate Division and the Supreme Court of New Jersey, and appeals and proceedings in the Federal Courts. The Unit also handles all petitions for post-conviction relief, writs of habeas corpus, and appeals from denials of applications for firearm permits.

An assistant prosecutor and a secretary make up the Unit. The primary work of the Assistant Prosecutor in the Unit includes the review of transcripts, supporting briefs and documents, conducting legal research, drafting briefs, preparing appendices and other legal documents, and appearing before various courts for legal argument.

The Unit Assistant Prosecutor also serves as liaison between the County Prosecutor and municipal prosecutors. This duty includes organizing quarterly county municipal prosecutors’ meetings, attending the Attorney General’s Municipal Prosecutors Supervisors’ Committee meetings and being available to address other issues and conduct research projects as directed by the Prosecutor.

Miscellaneous duties of the Unit include managing the Prosecutor’s law library, reviewing and distributing slip opinions to the legal staff, and generally supporting assistant prosecutors with emergent legal research on any issue that may arise out of criminal prosecutions.


Contact Information

Phone: (908) 475-6352
Fax: (908) 475-6205
Email: appellate@co.warren.nj.us