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Cold Cases

Cold Cases

Elizabeth O’Connor

On July 21, 1973 a white female, who was positively identified as Elizabeth O’Connor, was found lying on Red School Lane in Lopatcong Twp.  Ms. O’Connor had suffered a severe head injury and abrasions to her knees, hips and thighs.  Ms. O’Connor ultimately died of these injuries.  The victim was last seen operating a 1973 Dodge Camper bearing NJ registration WXE-684.  This vehicle was later found at the Hillcrest Shopping Mall.

Larry Anderson

On January 29, 1976 a plastic bag was found in a drainage ditch by workers along Rt. 80 in Knowlton Twp. Contained inside of this bag were a skull, several vertebrae, and a long bone (femur). These recovered bones were submitted to the New Jersey State Police Laboratory for analysis. On August 15, 2015 these remains were positively identified as Larry Bernard Anderson (DOB 7/71954) by DNA which had been provided by Mr. Anderson’s sister, during an initiative by the NYPD/NYCMEO. During the subsequent interview of Mr. Anderson’s sister he was last seen in May of 1975 in Brooklyn, NY.

Unidentified Female “Princess Doe”

An unidentified deceased female was found on July 15, 1982 in Warren County, New Jersey. Her body was found behind Cedar Ridge Cemetery on Highway 94 located in Blairstown. The female had been deceased for less than a week prior to being found. She is 15-20 years old. She was petite standing approximately 5’02” tall and weighing 110 pounds. Her left earlobe was doubled pierced but no earrings were found. It is unknown if the right ear was pierced or not. The female had been treated by a dentist at one point in her life as a few dental fillings were observed in her teeth. She was found wearing a red v-neck short sleeved shirt and a long red wrap around skirt that had peacocks pictured around the lower hem border. She was also wearing a gold chain necklace that had white beads along the chain and an ornate cross pendant. Images of the skirt and cross are featured above. Also featured is a facial reconstruction completed by a NCMEC Forensic Artist and depicts what the female may have looked like in life.

Date Found: Jul 15, 1982
Location Found: Blairstown, NJ
Estimated Age: 15-20
Sex: Female
Race: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Unknown
Estimated Height: 5'2"
Estimated Weight: 100 lbs

Princess Doe.
Princess Doe.
Princess Doe.

James Callaghan

On January 19, 1986 Mr. Callaghan was found on a porch of a residence on Ridge Road with a gunshot wound to the head. The owners of the residence denied hearing the shots, or any kind of altercation. Mr. Callaghan had possible ties with the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

Unidentified Female "Tiger Lady"

An unidentified Caucasian female was found deceased in Warren County, New Jersey on October 26, 1991. The female was found in a wooded area off Route 94 near an exit ramp of Interstate 80 in Knowlton Township. She had been deceased for several days. The female is estimated to be 17-19 years old and stood approximately 4'10"-5'02" tall. She had long blonde hair with brown roots. Her left earlobe was pierced 4 times. It is unknown if the right ear was also pierced. The female had a large tattoo of a tiger on the outside of her left calf. A digital replica of the tattoo is featured above. Red polish was observed on her toenails and fluorescent lavender polish was seen on one of her right fingernails. The female had received dental care in life as some amalgam fillings and preventative sealants were observed on her teeth. The images above are a facial reconstruction completed by a Forensic Artist with the New Jersey State Police and depicts what the female may have looked like in life.

Date Found: Oct 26, 1991
Location Found: Knowlton Township, NJ
Estimated Age: 17-19
Sex: Female
Race: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Unknown
Estimated Height: 4'10" to 5'2"

Jane Doe.
Jane Doe.
Jane Doe.

Ursula Kochik

On April 9, 2001 the Lopatcong Township Police Department were dispatched to Marble Hill Rd for a reported recovered body. The badly burned body of a female was located by a passerby just off of the roadway. During the investigation, the female was positively identified through dental records as Ursula Kochik. Ms. Kochik was a known prostitute that frequented the Phillipsburg and Easton area.

Recovered Human Remains

On May 21, 2017 the Pohatcong Twp Police Department were dispatched to the 300 block of River Road for a reported found sneaker with a foot located inside of the sneaker. The sneaker was found on the bank of the Delaware River and had been concealed in brush and debris. The sneaker was a woman’s size 7 Reebok sneaker that contained a gray colored crew sock and exposed lower leg bones. A search of the area proved to be negative for any other human remains. The Morris County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an examination of the recovered foot/leg bones. The bones were then transferred to the New Jersey State Police Anthropology Unit.

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